Little Things Matter

Liberty Hardware Commercial

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Say what you want. Marketing isn’t about coming up with a sexy campaign based on a sleek data set. That’s what the guys in the ivory tower with nice hair and expensive suits want you to think. Marketing is more simple than that. It’s about getting back to the basics – taking a problem and stripping it down to the blood and bone. It’s about being human. Yes, numbers move needles and people move numbers. But purpose. That’s what moves people.


When Liberty Hardware approached us about creating a brand video to give their internal team a sense of identity and purpose, we knew exactly what we had to do. It was primal instinct. We had to help Liberty Hardware employees connect their business to the why. Their employees needed to know why they did what they did. They needed to know they weren’t just waking up early and punching time cards day-in and day-out  to make bits and doorknobs. They were creating products that help people create lives and memories. They were producing the integral pieces to the lives of thousands of families. We created a video to help them realize that.