On the Boy Who Broke Santa’s Lap… And LEGO!

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Internal video projects often get shelved. With so much client work and busy schedules, self-promotion usually takes a backseat to the crisis of the day. That’s why we scripted a simple treatment and shot our holiday video in an employee’s backyard. With a budget under $2,000, the goal was to complete something funny, fast and sharable.

The Boy Who Broke Santa’s Lap told the story of Apple Juice Johnson, a boy who wanted to be an artist but ruined Christmas in 1995 when he got too excited visiting Santa. An odd, lonely kid, that year he hopped on to Santa’s lap so hard Santa broke and Christmas was canceled. The event changed the lives of everyone involved.

The Boy Who Broke Santa’s Lap was viewed more than 25,000 times on Facebook. It was featured in Adweek, in the publication’s annual holiday round up. But most importantly, the events of Christmas 1995 were preserved for posterity and Apple Juice Johnson, the boy who broke Santa’s lap, got a bit of much needed closure.

If a fun video wasn’t enough, we also sent all our clients and friends a mailer complete with LEGO and a charitable tie-in. The Green Chair Project helps victims of disaster, violence or circumstance furnish homes and start new lives. So in each of our custom boxes we put a green chair made of LEGO. Recipients were encouraged to take apart the chair and build something new with all the pieces the had. The message was that the Green Chair Project helps so many families, children included, start a new live or build a fresh start, and sometimes we need to play, smile and love like children to get in the giving mood. Sometimes we need to remember being a child to put ourselves in a child’s shoes, a child who need a little extra help during the holidays.

The #CRISPdreambuild generated significant engagement and raised a lot of money. During December, a total of 42 qualifying LEGO photos were posted with 534 engagements on those pictures. That’s meant a total of $7,440 was raised, which exceeded our initial goal of $5,000.

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