That Time We Messed Around and Got a Triple Double

C2 Website Redesign

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Why settle for good, when you can be the best? That’s the question C2 Education asks high school students. And after we sat down with C2 in 2016 to go over their business goals and web performance, it’s the same question we had for them.


One of the main goals of C2’s mobile home page is to get people to submit a form for a free academic consultation. However, after evaluating the website our data team realized their mobile homepage wasn’t clear enough. As a result, the conversion rate and conversion numbers suffered. We believe being direct is always the best policy. If you’re interested in taking a girl on a date, tell her. Don’t beat around the bush. The same is true for building websites. So we got to the point. We removed clutter from the home page, made the design simple, and brought the form submission button to the top of the page. The result? The number of form submissions increased by 61% and the form submission rate increased by 59.5%. In other words, we helped C2 land more first dates.


Another one of the goals of the website is to help people to find a local tutoring center then submit a form for a free consultation once they’ve found the center. In the old site design, people had to walk through five pages uphill both ways in order to get to the form. That’s a lot to ask. People want instant gratification and they wanted it yesterday. To remedy this roadblock, we put the “finding a local center” button front and center on the homepage so they could begin that process sooner. We also removed a step in the information funnel so that they could find the consultation form faster. It paid off. The conversion rate increase more than 200%.


By the end of our website overhaul, we had improved every major category of user behavior metrics from bounce rate to the session duration. People were visiting more pages, for longer periods of times, and were more engaged with the content. In basketball, they call that a triple double. Good players score points. Great players score triple doubles.

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