Self-Awareness, One Click At A Time

Bill George’s “Discover Your True North Mirror”

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Bill George—Harvard Business School professor, former CEO of Medtronic and a legend in the business leadership field—came to us to turn his book into a movement. Discover Your True North is about leading in a digital world and millennials taking their place in the boardroom. We had to marry this revolutionary book with a contemporary outreach plan, one valuable to young leaders.

We made a website. Then we gave it a heart. We developed a branded assessment tool with an e-learning course that allows users to analyze their own strengths, capabilities and passions as leaders. It’s like a mirror that reflects the inner you — a new kind of selfie built for a generation who loves to look in the mirror. And it only took 11 days for the application to garner 2,000 sessions.


Sessions in 11 days