Icons are made. Not born. This is more than a tagline. It’s a guiding principle. A CRISP Internship is the start to building your iconic career.

Who are you? You’re the best in your class. Not only in brain power but in ideas, drive and gumption. You have an unyielding interest in the digital world and you can’t wait dive in.
Our program abandons the notion of a mainstream internship, venturing beyond basic “agency world exposure.” As a CRISP intern, you will work with the CRISP team, not for the team. We give you both opportunity and responsibility. The freedom to experiment. To whet your appetite in the world of digital marketing. Are you in?

The Basics

Our internship program lasts 10 weeks in the summer and 14 weeks in the Spring and Fall. The Spring and Fall internships are 10- 20 hour per week commitments and the Summer internship offers ~ 30 hours per week. CRISP Interns are paid $12 an hour. You must be a recent grad (no more than 3 years post grad), current senior, or rising senior to apply.

Internship Opportunities

Digital MediaCreative (Video | Visual Design | Motion Graphics | Development | Social Media | Copywriting)

You love to tell a good story. Whether it’s through an internship in illustration, motion graphics, video or writing – you’ll get to feed the internet beast with beautiful and compelling content.


You “get” people. As our Accounts intern, you’ll learn the ropes of client relations and work toward the long-term success of our clients.

StrategyStrategy (Digital | Content | Brand | SEO)

You wear out “why.” As our Strategy intern, you’ll get to the why behind what makes brands stick in today’s digital world.

Digital MediaAnalytics

You make data sing. As an intern on our analytics team, you’ll gain experience with advertising, reporting and optimization of digital campaigns.

CreativeDigital Advertising

Optimization is your game. As a Digital Advertising intern, you’ll dive into the worlds of programmatic display, paid search and paid social advertising.

What Makes A CRISP Intern

CRISP interns give a shit. About the work, about clients and about your colleagues. You expect the best – of yourself and of others. Even though you are just starting out in your career, you already have an opinion on what separates great work from the also rans. Your personal values align with ours:

Constructive candor. You receive feedback with gratitude and share your ideas and thoughts candidly.

Resourcefulness. You have the gumption to overcome the tough stuff.

Intellectual curiosity. You’re eager to soak up experiences and challenge yourself to grow and improve.

Spirit of service. You treat others with respect. You seek out opportunities to jump in and help.

Passionate ownership. You’re all in on your work and responsibilities.


The CRISP Intern Experience

Full Immersion

As a CRISP intern, you will be fully integrated into the CRISP team. You’ll sit next to full-time staff and participate in company-wide meetings and cultural activities. You’ll also contribute to our social channels and present work weekly to fellow interns and full-time staff.

Learn and Share

Each intern is assigned a personal coach to to help you navigate CRISP, prioritize your work work and give you constructive feedback to help you take on greater responsibility. Starting on day one you will learn about all aspects of marketing and advertising through presentations and workshops by our experienced staff. Each CRISP intern will also receive a personal copy of Traction, which explains the framework on which our business is built. You will not only grow in your area of expertise, but you’ll understand the inner-workings of our business.


You will be assigned to a capstone project in which you will solve a real-world problem. The project will include collaborating on an integrated marketing plan and executing a full marketing campaign. At the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to present your finished work to our senior leadership team.