Celebrating the outliers is CRISP’s secret equation

Black sheep. Non-conformist. Outlier.

Here at CRISP we don’t shy away from celebrating the Beyoncés and the Steph Currys – people who are vital parts of the team, but who also stand out like the anomalies that they are.

We call them CRISP Outliers.

The Outlier Award goes to the person who does such amazing work that all the other amazing work just looks like regular work. The Outlier is the agency curve breaker. Except they break it with passionate ownership, rather than nerdiness and suck-up-ery. (Okay, maybe a little bit of nerdiness – but intellectual curiosity is a core value of CRISP.) We try to give it out monthly, but sometimes we don’t.

The Outlier Award is given only if it is deserved.

This month’s well-deserving recipient regularly sports a mean button-down, has an immaculate digital and literal desktop, and built a website so awesome we can’t show you it just yet.

CRISP Senior Developer Keegan Robinson, the July 2017 Outlier, shows that what you do in the shadows eventually comes to the light.

“I believe that digital experiences should evolve, grow, and improve over time,” he said. “When I started at CRISP I saw new cutting-edge work, an innovative new office space, and a growing company culture. I wanted to bring that to life on the agency website.”

Instead of tackling this challenge as a single monolithic project, Keegan and the rest of the CRISP dev team are working iteratively— quickly building things that align with current company goals.

Keegan did all of this on top of his regular client projects, without a gelled hair out of place. Because that’s what CRISP Outliers do. They own sh*t.

Future Outlier, whoever you are,
prepare to step up your game.