CRISP One-Year Anniversary

Iconic Agency Commemorates First Anniversary In Iconic Fashion



Raleigh, N.C. — CRISP, an award-winning full-service independent advertising agency, celebrates its one-year anniversary this month. Formed as a mutiny against mediocrity, CRISP commemorated its first anniversary appropriately: by taking over a bar with swank and swagger.

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Photo Credit: Richard Barlow Photography

Founded on the idea that icons are made, not born, CRISP has doubled their client base, comparably grown the team and custom-built a penthouse office space to contain it all — all in their first year of operation. CRISP has assembled a diverse team of experts with backgrounds that allow the company to enlighten, inspire and excite. “It’s actually the anti-origin story of most agencies. We were born from performance marketing and built a best-in-class branding and creative offering on top. It makes everything smarter. Everything we produce is based on art and science to fuel customer and revenue growth for our clients,” said Jeff Kilman, CEO of CRISP.


The recently debuted CRISP office echoes a NYC speakeasy, complete with tufted bar wall and a secret room hidden behind a bookcase. The space also positions the agency for expansion. At capacity, it will hold 50+ people as CRISP expands its existing capabilities across a range of services including strategy, experience design, search, programmatic advertising, analytics and the creative ideas that drive every channel.

Coffee Bar
Conference Rooms

Office Photos: Cline Design and Lance Johnson (CRISP Video Producer)


“As digital marketing evolves, companies need a trusted partner who can integrate the advertising, creative, strategic and analytical capabilities needed to win the customer online,” said Zach Clayton, chairman of Three Ships, CRISP’s parent company. “By unleashing CRISP, we’ve helped CMOs drive demand that translates into real revenue growth across the full spectrum of communications.”

“At CRISP, we’re dedicated to the creation of icons. Iconic brands, campaigns, results and experiences for both our clients and our employees,” added Kilman, “But for anyone that thinks this is the destination I’m here to tell you this is only the beginning.”


Icons are made at CRISP. Contact us to bend the future of your company, or your personal career.

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