Meet the Agency

At a young age, we folded up our homework and launched a fleet of paper bombers from the gymnasium roof. We knew the only way to rise above the crowd was to throw convention to the wind. All grown up, we still live to make work soar. See, we were the kids who had the gumption to get on the roof in the first place. Bravery shaped us. It taught us that every round of applause starts because someone is willing to rise above the crowd.

  • Brent Barbour

  • Sarah Lamm
    VP, Client & Brand Strategy

  • Christian Von Kantzow
    VP, Analytics & Digital Advertising

  • Lauren Prosser
    VP, Strategy & Search

  • Marc Lewis
    VP, Creative Director

  • Kate Connor
    Associate Creative Director

  • Britta Young
    Director of Attribution

  • Courtney Hill
    Director of Media

  • Lily Durbin
    Senior Media Strategist

  • Nuno Gomes
    Art Director

  • Sabrina Karr
    Account Supervisor

  • Toni Chester
    Art Director

  • Kortney Sweeney
    Art Director

  • Keegan Robinson
    Senior Developer

  • Perry Landers
    Junior Copywriter

  • Kathleen Kindelan
    Media Analyst

  • Casey Haycocks
    Account Coordinator

  • Olivia Hale
    Account Coordinator

  • Katie Smith
    Account Supervisor

  • Gaby Bermudez
    Social Media Coordinator

  • Jimmy Patel-Nguyen
    Social Media Director

  • Ally Mickler
    Junior Content Strategist

  • Casey Taylor
    Director of Operations

  • Mary Mac Moore
    Account Supervisor

  • Juliana Hux
    Executive Assistant

  • Maggie Phillips
    Data Specialist

  • Katie Corbett
    Junior Art Director

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